Experimental: Qualtrics, E-prime

Qualitative: Atlas.ti

Statistical: SPSS, R

Linguistic: Praat

Web design: WordPress

Bureaucratic: Office


French (native level)

English (fluent)

Romanian (native)

German (B1)

Italian (B1)


Scientific Coordinator of CLARIN-CH, University of Zürich (Jul 2021-Dec 2022)


  • Representation of European CLARIN in Switzerland
  • Coordination of the scientific community
  • Promoting the objectives of European CLARIN in particular by the promotion of linguistic research infrastructures and tools within the interested scientific community
  • Participation in international events and meetings of CLARIN
  • Management of the administrative office

Research project specialist in Language Sciences and Communication, University of Geneva
(Dec 2015 – March 2018, April 2019-Jul 2021)


  • Planing and collaborating for the management of a research project
  • Collecting, cleansing, analysing et interpreting linguistic corpus and experimental data
  • Reporting, orally and in writting, on the results
  • Writing, editing and revising scientific articles
  • Organising conferences, workshops, training sessions and doctoral schools

Main achievements: managing Open Science (publications and data) issues, obtaining research grants, publishing scientific articles in high-level journals, editing special issues of two scientific journals, having institutional responsibilities, building a rich network of high-profile scholars.

Research project manager in Language Sciences and Communication, University of Edinburgh
(April 2018 – March 2019)


  • Planning, submitting for funding and managing a research project
  • Delivering and distributing tasks to a research team
  • Managing the budget and writing the financial report
  • Collecting, cleansing, analysing et managing linguistic data
  • Writing, editing and revising scientific articles and the scientific report.

Main achievements: managing a research team, publishing scientific articles in high-level journals, building a rich network of high-profile scholars.

Research and teaching assistant in Linguistics, University of Geneva
(March 2010 – Nov 2015)


  • Reviewing, analysing and summarizing specialized publications
  • Planning, collecting, cleansing, analysing, managing and interpreting linguistic data
  • Collaborating with the Natural Language Processing and Machine Translation team
  • Reporting, orally and in writing, on the results
  • Assisting the professor with teaching of main lectures
  • Teaching the seminars and evaluating students

Main achievements: successfully participating in inter-disciplinary team projects to improve machine translation systems, organising numerous conferences, workshops and training sessions, publishing book, winning a prize for the PhD thesis.


Editorial assistant for the international scientific journal Computational Linguistics
(Mai 2017 – Jul 2019)


  • Managing article submissions;
  • Managing the journal’s website and all communications
  • Assisting the editors-in-chief in all their tasks.

Scientific collaborator, University of Geneva | 19th International Congress of Linguists, Geneva
(June 2013 )


  • Reading and revising the book of abstracts
  • Managing public relations

Lecturer, University of Geneva (2 semesters), University of Neuchâtel (4 semesters), University of Bern (1 semester) (2014-2018)


  • Planning and teaching lectures and seminars
  • Building the teaching material
  • Communicating with the students
  • Organising the students’ evaluation.

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