Cristina GRISOT

RESEARCHER in Language Sciences at University of Geneva

cristina.grisot [at]

I carried out my doctoral research on temporal reference in English and Romance languages (French, Italian and Romanian), in which I adopted an empirical perspective (corpus work, contrastive analysis and offline experiments).

I am currently working on offline and online experimental investigations of human processing of verbal tenses, temporal connectives and temporal adverbials, as well as on their rich inter-relations.

I am interested in the expression of temporal reference in natural language by looking at typologically different languages, such as tense-prominent, aspect-prominent and tenseless languages. I work also on the pragmatics of negation and its cognitive processing, as well as on the human cognitive processing of temporality in natural language and its tight relations with causality.

Additionally, my research targets new methods for improving the results of machine translation systems by adding pragmatic information (research carried out in two Swiss inter-disciplinary projects).

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